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Ligne blanche Ligne blanche
Visites guidées Genève - Cathédrale Saint-Pierre Saint Peter's
Ligne blanche Ligne blanche What was in the trunk chained to its wall?
Visites guidées Genève - Banques The Banks Ligne blanche Ligne blanche In which bank was the ‎Seven Golden Men shot? Visites guidées Genève - Hans Wilsdorf Philanthropy Ligne blanche Ligne blanche What do Geneva’s 3 most generous donors have in common? Visites guidées Genève - Banques The Banks Ligne blanche Ligne blanche Where does the word bank come from?

Visites guidées citadines

Geneva Sightseeing

Emmanuelle and Françoise,
two enthusiastic and cultured guides,
certified Culture and Tourism, University of Geneva

Two experienced guides who literally love sharing the stories of their city and introducing the public to its past history.
Two enthusiastic guides who breathe life into some of its well-kept secrets.
Two guides whose professional experience have led them to plunge into the financial, legal, humanitarian, archeological and museal spheres.

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In the Top 5 of ``European Best Destinations``

Unmissable Destination

Geneva ranks among the top five destinations in Europe in 2024, confirming its essential status.

Featured in the New York Times‘ list of 52 destinations to visit this year and in the Merian magazine, Geneva enters the top 5 of “European Best Destinations,” notably due to the opening of the CERN Science Gateway, an architectural achievement by Renzo Piano, and the renovation of the International Museum of the Reformation.

The inauguration of these sites emphasizes Geneva’s central role as a scientific and historical hub. The modernisation of the Salève cable car strengthens its image as a natural city and consolidates its position as the top destination in Europe.

European Best Destinations Geneva
European Best Destinations Geneva

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